Online Kitchen Management System with Order Entry, Inventory and Menu Costing.

Order Guide Manager

Place your orders easily and quickly using Bottom Lines proprietary Order Guide Manager. In the past it was difficult to know the pricing of all products from one vendor and impossible from three or four. Not anymore.


Tracking your inventory is essential for increasing profitability. Bottom Line offers inventory control that will help you organize and save using our online software.

Menu Costing

Take control of your menu costs with the Bottom Line menu item feature. No need to track the cost of individual ingredients, Bottom Line menu items does it for you.

Bottom Line Kitchen Management System

Introducing a consolidated real-time online price analysis tool that will save your business thousands of dollars. Comparative pricing is calculated providing you with the lowest bid, second lowest and so on for the products you have specified. Plain and simple – our software is going to save you money… Lots of it.